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1.  How far in advance do you need to make reservations?
There is no magic number.  Some weeks and seasons are busier than others.  Saturdays do fill up faster, generally, so it’s easier to get in during the week.  If you need reservations for a very specific date, then we recommend you call as soon as you make that decision.

2.  Why do you require a credit card to hold a reservation?
When we first opened, the only information we required to make a reservation was a name and phone number.  Unfortunately, there were “no call-no shows” or parties that cancelled on such short notice we couldn’t call anyone on our wait list.  Because we are so small--only 26 seats—with one seating per night, we just can’t recoup our losses like a more traditional restaurant.  We adopted our current policy after losing thousands of dollars in those scenarios.

3.  Do you allow children to attend the dinner classes?
We feel parents know their children best.  Our dinners last about three hours (beginning with the champagne and hors d’oeuvres through dessert). If your children would be comfortable with that, then they are welcome.  We have had seven-year-old Food Network addicts attend and enjoy our dinners.  Our young daughter would consider it a trial.

4.  Is there a reduced cost for my child(ren)?
We charge full price for each person because we have such limited seating and only one seating per night.

5.  What beverages do you have as alternatives to wine?
We have: sparkling cider, San Benedetto sparkling water, Coke, Diet Coke, Budweiser, Bud Lite and Amstel Lite.  If you prefer beer to wine or a soda other than Coke, please let us know when you make your reservation.  We will do our best to have it here for you.

6.  Is there a reduced cost if I don’t drink alcohol?
No, substituting non-alcoholic beverages for wine doesn’t change the price because we keep our wine costs so low.  The cost per glass of wine is comparable to the cost of soda, sparkling water, etc.

7.  Do you have off-street parking?
No, but you have two parking options.  You can park on the street after 5:00p.m.  without risking a parking ticket.  It can be challenging to get a space when college is in session, though.  You can also park in the city’s parking garage on North Henry Street.  It’s located directly parallel to our corner of Boundary Street and costs $1/hour.

8.  I'd like to make a reservation, but I'm allergic to something on your fixed menu.
Our chefs can accommodate almost all dietary restrictions.  It’s logistically impossible for us to prepare orthodox kosher alternatives and itís proven too challenging to prepare vegan and non-dairy alternatives to every course.  With those exceptions, we feel confident that we can accommodate dietary restrictions.  So don’t let food allergies stop you from joining us!

9.  Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, we do offer gift certificates.  They can be purchased either at our location or over the phone and delivered via (snail)mail.